Sunday, September 5, 2010

The LC-MS, Five String Banjo and "We'll pray for you."

When I first visited St. John Lutheran Church in Rochester Michigan, Pastor Ronald Moritz found out I had a music background. He took me to meet Ken Rogner the music director . I think he thought I could be of some use to Ken and the church, but I really wanted to spend my time in the study of the word.

Ken asked me what instrument I played and I replied, "Five string banjo!" He gave me a droll look and said, "We'll pray for you." It kept me out of the Praise Band! Now, I'm not saying playing the banjo is Orthodox - but it appears like I'm in pretty good company!

Mercy Journeys with Pastor Harrison: A Little Fun With The Banjo: "This is for two friends, one Paul, and the other little Jotham. I remember being captivated by the theme from the Beverly Hillbillies when I..."

Playing Marie by Alan Munde.

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