Monday, November 14, 2011

Great Lakes Banjo

I saw my first Great Lakes in 1975 when I took a lesson from Jim "Willard" Spencer in Ann Arbor. I saw and played one in 1976 when I visited my friend Brian's house and tried his "Special." I wanted one but by the time I started looking they were out of business so I bought a 1980 Liberty and have been happy for 31 years.

I was talking to Mark Zimmerman and we'll be getting together to add a tone hoop and upgrade this very nice banjo. Mark told me that all the banjos were of the same quality materials but the less expensive models didn't have a tone ring, neck binding and nicer inlay. After 35 years, I finally found one! :)

The Great Lakes Banjo Company was in business from 1974-1979 with a few completed after that date. They built a great instrument that has stood the test of time ..


...and are played by some great players, like Jim Willard Spencer!

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