Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lutherville...A Blog and a Real Place

I was messing with the Blog template maker and put the name Lutherville in as a joke. I thought of a small town named after Martin Luther and built around Lutheran teaching of Grace Alone, Faith Alone and Scripture Alone. A place where the true word or God is believed, taught  and confessed and the sacraments are rightly administered. I tried to back out of the template maker as I was not really ready to deal with a blog, but as I tried to exit I found I had a blog ... Lutherville ... so, I thought I would post some thoughts on my seminary journey to Fort Wayne and my vicarage at Peace Lutheran Church and other stuff as it happened to appeal to me. How surprised I was to find a small town in Maryland named Lutherville!

Historic Marker

College Manor in 2000

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

You can read a bit more about Lutherville, MD here:
And here:

I was sorry to find out the St. Paul's is ELCA, as are the other Lutheran churches in Lutherville, so it is not the Utopian town my mind's eye perceived, but still it does look like a pretty sweet town. I will continue to hope and pray that an LC-MS presence will take seed in Lutherville. Any missionaries out there?

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