Friday, September 3, 2010

SMP and Me.

Well, 30 years in the piano business just seemed to fly by. I'll be starting the SMP (Specific Ministry Pastor) program at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne Indiana on September 27th, although I feel like I've been in the program for the past year. The application process with the district and seminary seemed to take forever, but I'm sure it always seems that way.

I went on a seminary visit with my wife to Fort Wayne in September of 2002 for prospective students. I wanted to attend as a full time student but for the Lord's reasons he closed the door at that time. I've spent the last ten years teaching Sunday School, serving on the Board of Elders and for the last four years as President on the Congregation.

Last October my Pastor, William Merrell, asked me to consider the SMP program. I had long ago put my desire to serve in pastoral ministry aside and was content with serving in lay leadership. For the Lord's reasons, He has opened a door for me where none existed. I am excited and humbled.

The Elders, Church Council and Voters at my church approved this call for an additional pastor and after nine months of the application process I was accepted into the program on July 21, 2010. I begin this next stage of  my life in the SMP program this September.

While I would have liked to do it my way eight years ago and go the traditional route the Lord thought different. I trust that He knows better than me and I walk into this new calling as He would direct. May my Lord and Savior Jesus continue to bless my service to Him.

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